Reducing fraud

Select indicators, define alarm thresholds, check the workflow processing, identify good practices and apply them to the network as a whole

Managing the medium-term plan

Define objectives, analyse the medium-term plan, Plan actions, Implement projects, Compare reality to forecasts and Adjust actions and/or objectives

Managing the commitments

Build portfolio, Break down by strategy, Decide on resource level, Evaluate contributions, Allow commitment, Monitor achievement, and Monitor results

Reinventing reporting

Define the objectives, Select rhythm, Monitor alarms, Define validation workflow, Compare performance and Adjust actions and/or objectives

Release the teams' talent

Define projects, Organize meetings, Facilitate dialogue, Measure acceptance of decisions, Choose actions, Monitor implementation and Adjust according to goals

Manage the cost price

Master nomenclature, Integrate purchase prices, Manage versions, Simulate theoretical cost prices, Compare "theoretical vs. real" cost price and Analyse standard costs